Doing what you love is not enough


Although the Do What You Love mantra decorates my office wall, I now think it is time to be replaced.  Because, happiness at work is not  just about us.It is  important to be happy. Happiness is our true state. Not “ha, ha” happiness, but blissful joy. The feeling we experience when we truly perform, when we are in a state of flow, when we know that we deliver according to our purpose. That sort of happiness though, is about others. Without “others”, our purpose, is obsolete.Enjoying work is a serious affair. It is a  high form of Service.When we work, in fact we offer the ...

Your personal brand is how I make you feel


Jeff Bezos defines a personal brand as "what they say about you when you leave the room".  If I might add to the definition, your personal brand is also a feeling.It is about how you make me feel about myself.Let's figure out how this works:Define your Shared Moments of Inspiration.When you feel that you excel at what you do for someone. When you perform way beyond standards. When you feel that you got it.Action: Think, write these moments down and put a circle around them.  Define what you want people to say about you.Be specific when choosing the words. They don't have to be adject...

Don't fake it. Flaunt it.


So you have got an interview! Sure enough, the interview is your chance to shine. But more than that, the interview is the interviewers' chance to make sure they have got it right.The interview is a follow up. They have already formed an idea of your personal brand from your online presence, CV and any correspondence you might have had and the interview is your chance to seal the deal by being consistent to that idea.Think! How did you achieve to get through to interview stage? What personal brand attributes did your online presence, CV and letter convey? That of an extrovert, social...

Stop looking for your career purpose


There is only one purpose in life: being of service, making the most of our strongest talent in order to actually be of excellent service. As Deepak Chopra has put it" Everyone has a purpose in life. A unique gift or special talent to give to others. And when we blend this unique talent with service [...] we experience ecstasy of spirit" Therefore, when it comes to work, it  is not really important to discover what our purpose is. Because our purpose is known:  It is service to people. What matters is "how" not "what". . Possible questions to ask ourselves:How can I be...

"What the heart knows today, the head will understand tomorrow" James Stephens


Nothing brings us closer together than emotions.  We all create emotions even to ourselves: we feel proud, disappointed, satisfied, happy. For anything we have or have not achieved. .When we are aligned with the real purpose of our work and we know exactly what we have to offer, we give the people we work with the chance to feel. To know with their hearts exactly what we can do, before their minds understand what we stand for. This is why being authentic is so important: because we do not need to underestimate nor try to manipulate what people think of us. Authentic professionals kno...


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